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Here at Achievement, we are committed to trust and transparency. We’re focused on delivering on the promise that if you provide us with information, we will connect you with opportunities that can advance your health through research opportunities and other programs tailored for you.

That’s why we’ve run dozens of studies via Achievement Studies with a range of credible partners in the pharmaceutical, digital health, and technology industries. Our in-house data scientists and health researchers have been published in noteworthy publications like the Journal of Medical Research, Annals of Internal Medicine, Vaccine, and PLoS One. We’re glad to have had over 1m+ Achievers participate in health related research in 2019 — both across prospective studies and through the Achievement Health Survey.

Now, to make understanding your actions on Achievement easier to review, you’ll have access to a feature called Achievement Labs. Achievement Labs will let you explore your activity data in monthly increments. You’ll be able to see more granular trends including which day of the week you logged the most steps. You’ll also be able to get a better understanding of your daily average step count for a given month starting 2020. Another great advantage to the feature is the ability to also gauge daily point count (so a better understanding of which day you earned the most points). To start, Achievement Labs will be available on the web, which can be accessed via your desktop or mobile browser.

We’ll continue to share seasonal trends from the community and research highlights from the publications our in-house researchers have authored. It’s still early days for us and Achievement Labs, but keep us posted on what you do and don’t like about this feature.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Achievement Team

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