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I’m excited to announce that Evidation’s Board of Directors has appointed Christine Lemke as Co-CEO with me, alongside my appointment as Executive Chair of the Board. This announcement formalizes how Christine and I already operate at Evidation: as partners, collaborators, and team leaders with a strong foundation of shared values. 

When we first met one another in 2014, there was an almost uncanny alignment in what we each envisioned for the company and what we wanted to see happen in 21st century health care. And in the six years since that time, we’ve proven our ability to leverage a dual leadership model to maximize performance of a fast-growing company while helping each another further develop as leaders ourselves. 

As I look back, there are a few practical reasons why I believe this model works so well for us: we divide and conquer with a very high level of trust, we’re ruthlessly honest in our communications with one another, and we always seek ways to make divergent skill sets (of each other and our teams) into differentiating assets. On a personal level I’ve loved the ride we’ve been on together so far, and I’m proud to work side by side with Christine and all our colleagues to grow Evidation from here.

— Deb Kilpatrick

I’m honored to be appointed Co-CEO of Evidation. Working alongside Deb has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. When we met, I immediately recognized our shared values, and her deep expertise as a seasoned healthcare industry veteran and driven-to-win mindset, which have helped bring Evidation to where it is today. It takes a special kind of leader to create an environment of true collaboration, and I’m thrilled to lead Evidation together with Deb.

My Co-founders Alessio Signorini, Mikki Nasch, and Luca Foschini and I started Evidation from a shared house in Santa Barbara.  I am deeply grateful to everyone that has joined us on this journey since and appreciate every team member working tirelessly to democratize access to research and engage individuals in their health on an everyday basis. 

We have a lot of work to do. Let’s go. 

— Christine Lemke

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