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SAN MATEO, Calif. & MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today PokitDok announced a partnership with Evidation Health, a company launched by GE Ventures and Stanford Health Care. Evidation Health partners across the healthcare ecosystem to robustly measure the impact of digital health solutions on clinical and economic outcomes. The PokitDok partnership will allow Evidation to virtually, securely, and efficiently identify eligible participants for clinical studies. Using patient-consented claims data, Evidation will also be able to connect digital interventions with the resulting health outcomes.

“We are excited to leverage digital solutions such as PokitDok to more efficiently and effectively execute real-world clinical studies that will inform patient management strategies and accelerate progress toward precision digital medicine,” said Deborah Kilpatrick, CEO, Evidation Health.

PokitDok enables Evidation to seamlessly access data from nearly 300 insurers such as UnitedHealth, WellPoint, Aetna, Cigna, Humana and Kaiser, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Information will be exchanged through an application programming interface (API) connected to Evidation’s secure technology and analytics platform. Evidation will also license data from PokitDok, including clinical diagnosis and procedural codes, to better understand the impact of digital health solutions on clinical and economic outcomes. The PokitDok Medical Procedural Code API makes the data easily accessible via cloud-based web services.

“The future of medicine is digital,” said Lisa Maki, co-founder and CEO, PokitDok. “We’ve shifted from a reliance on clinic visits to incorporating digital tools and services that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. While new digital health apps and wearables make virtual medicine possible – measurable evidence that these tools work must be coupled with contextually relevant connections back to the doctor and economic data to the insurers to confirm patient outcomes as well as financial value. PokitDok’s partnership with Evidation introduces a practical way to concretely measure the success of emerging digital health tools both clinically and financially.”

About Evidation Health

Evidation Health began as a collaboration between GE Ventures and Stanford Health Care to realize a shared vision for a digital health-enabled future. The company seeks to improve health outcomes by validating the clinical and economic benefit of digital health products and optimizing patient management strategies with new approaches to behavioral and predictive analytics. Evidation Health is based in Menlo Park, CA. For more, go to www.evidation.com

About PokitDok

PokitDok provides cloud-based web services, to integrate healthcare transactions into any app, website or product. This includes eligibility checks, claims submissions, central scheduling, payment processing and medical procedural code reconciliation. PokitDok makes current cash prices available for health services from over 40,000 providers in 44 US markets through its API and marketplace. Health systems, technology providers and developers use PokitDok to create better consumer experiences, streamline operations and cut costs. PokitDok is based in San Mateo, CA and Charleston, SC and is backed by New Atlantic Ventures (NAV.VC), Rogers Venture Partners, and Subtraction Capital.


PokitDok, Natalie Cann, 877-564-5029 ext. 4, marketing@pokitdok.com

Evidation Health, Shannon Bergstedt, 415-523-0412, sbergstedt@evidation.com

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