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5 Key Factors to Successfully Leveraging Person-Generated Health Data

June 2021


To improve outcomes and care delivery, personalized medicine is the ideal from the point of view of patients and clinicians alike. Digital health tools and wearable devices play a critical role in helping to make personalized health a reality. These instruments capture person-generated health data (PGHD), which is health-related data created, recorded, or gathered by individuals or by their family members and other caregivers. Personal information may be reported directly and continuously at home or on the go using a variety of digital tools, including wearable devices or phones, apps, and electronic surveys. This data is often viewed as the missing puzzle piece needed to provide a holistic, 360-degree view of the patients’ lived experience outside the clinic walls. 

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  • The 3 ways patient generated health data can improve real world studies | Medcity News

Person-generated health data (PGHD) is shifting the way we measure success in medicine. By increasing patient-centricity, we can empower individuals to participate in their healthcare experience. Beyond patient care settings, how can we leverage different channels to collect PGHD? Read More 


  • Predicting subjective recovery from lower limb surgery using consumer wearables | Karger Digital Biomarkers 

There is a lack of long-term individual baseline data that could help assess functional recovery in an individual. Can long-term, passively collected wearable data help enable the tracking of medical events and assessments of individual recovery? Read More


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What We’ve Been Up To:

Announcement: We are excited to announce that Adaeze Enekwechi and Lucia Savage are joining Evidation as advisors. Adaeze will provide her expert counsel on preventive and proactive care, while Lucia will aid us in our ongoing mission to provide our users with the highest possible level of privacy and data security. Our co-CEO, Deborah Kilpatrick, wrote more about the experience and vision they’ll bring to the company. Read More 

Research: At Evidation, we identified and engaged 1000+ individuals living with osteoporosis to help us understand the impact the condition may have in everyday life, including care management of the disease by leveraging their person-generated health data. Read More 

Research: Dear watch, should I get a COVID-19 test? Our recent work focuses on how to train a machine learning model to differentiate influenza-like illnesses to trigger further testing. Read More 

Thought Leadership: Digital Health Measurement Collaborative Community (DATAcc) is focused on achieving the promise of digital health measurement to improve lives for everyone. In collaboration with the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), FDA Digital Health Center of Excellence, and 25 other digital health measures organizations, we are honored to be a part of this initiative to help drive improvements in health outcomes, health economics, and health equity. Read More

Heart Health on Achievement: In case you missed it, in collaboration with the American College of Cardiology, Evidation has launched a nationwide initiative focusing on the lived experience of individuals with heart failure to understand their particular needs and sources of value which could improve engagement and outcomes. Over 1000 people with heart failure and other chronic conditions (as of April 2021) from across 48 states and the District of Columbia have agreed to participate. Read More

Get To Know Your Evidation Team: Meet Meagan Treviño – a Senior Associate on the Participant Engagement team at Evidation helping curate a smooth participant experience.  Read More


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