Evidation’s Newsletter: Direct Connection – The Adoption of Digital Measures in Healthcare

July 28, 2021


July 2021

Digital measures, derived using computational methods from at-home monitoring technologies, including wearables and smartphones, offer a range of benefits. These include objective, continuous insights into patient behavior and physiology that are unencumbered by recall effects observed in subjective, patient-reported tools. Digital measures also provide a way to detect intermittent/rare events or create novel measures that more sensitively assess patient experience.

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How can the industry successfully develop and deploy digital clinical measures and remote monitoring? Are there resources that meet specific needs and expertise? Read More.


Digital MedicineDigital clinical trials leverage digital technology to improve participant access, engagement, trial-related measurement and interventions, etc. How can we implement the use of digital technologies in clinical trials considering there are challenges? Read More.

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What We’ve Been Up To:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Digital measures have the potential to make visible what is currently clinically visible. We are proud to collaborate with Merck to study and identify digital endpoints for use in Alzheimer’s drug development. Our initial study will explore consented real-world data from smartphones and wearable devices from elderly individuals with and without cognitive impairment. Together, we are committed to better understanding, diagnosing, and treating Alzheimer’s disease at its earliest detectable stages. Read More.

RESEARCH: At Evidation, we assessed the feasibility of collecting data from multiple smart devices of older adults with and without cognitive impairment, and tested whether the data from these devices can differentiate between healthy individuals and participants with cognitive impairment. Read More.

RESEARCH: What is “post-COVID syndrome” and how can leveraging the patient perspective and technological innovations enable the delineation of effective treatments? Read More.

ON-DEMAND PANEL DISCUSSION: Want to understand the importance of digital measures in evidence generation and generating engagement? Evidation’s Ieuan Clay joined the SBHD Conference panel to discuss generating person-generated health data (PGHD). Watch Here.

HEART HEALTH ON ACHIEVEMENT: In our nationwide Heart Health on Achievement initiative focusing on the lived experience of individuals with heart failure beyond the clinic walls, we compared self-reported trends in overall health with objective behavioral data collected from consumer-grade wearables. It was found that people who reported feeling better tend to have increased their activity levels over the preceding few months. In addition to activity trends, we also explored medication and access issues. Read More

GET TO KNOW YOUR EVIDATION TEAM: Meet Solomon Howard – a member on the Diversity Equity & Inclusion team on Evidation’s platform. Read More.