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Let’s start with your name and what you do.

I’m Jen, Business Development Senior Manager. I work with innovative companies to come up with ways to differentiate themselves through new and validated solutions, such as a digital biomarker or the digital health product itself.

Tell us about home.

I have lived in Dallas, Palo Alto, Providence, Boston, Seattle, Bellevue, Philadelphia, New York, and now San Francisco in that order! My parents are from the Zhejiang and Szechuan provinces in China.

How’d you end up at Evidation?

Prior to Evidation, I researched ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) at a Columbia University lab and then I led BD and Partnerships at Rock Health, one of our first investors and also how I was introduced to Evidation. I love the variety of stakeholders that we work with on our platform and the potential of our technology to trail-blaze a better healthcare experience. AND the kicka** team here that accomplishes kicka** things!

We hear you’re starting a restaurant?

I’m starting a Chinese street food restaurant on the side! This project is important to me as a way to participate in changing the narrative around Chinese goods and develop a product that conveys high quality and rich culture. My team and partners consists of friends I have known from all over (family, school, figure skating, ski friends, colleagues) and I love getting to incorporate all of their unique talents into our venture. Plus taste testing our favorite food with friends and hearing “wow. yum.” is unbeatable.

What’s been your best day (so far) at Evidation?

The day that we got one of our studies up and running (from first learning about the opportunity to enrolling our first participant) in 1.5 weeks total. The team really embodied going fast without compromising integrity. We all worked tirelessly and meticulously to set everything up and deliver a great experience. I loved the spirit of working together and the hunger to get it done.

Jen’s second best day at Evidation

Favorite film?


What’s your preferred approach to earning points on Achievement?


First trip to Mars with humans on board. Passenger or onlooker?


Have you ever experienced a paranormal event?


How would you describe your vertical leap?

It’s unchanged since my figure skating days. 18 inches.

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