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Let’s start with your name and what you do.

I’m Michael, a Front End Engineer at Evidation. I love writing Javascript.

Tell us about home.

I grew up in Ontario, Canada! Most recently Toronto.

How’d you end up here?

I had been working at various design and development agencies doing project after project, never really being able to be part of a product, and having a say for what those products should be. I’m excited to be at Evidation because I can see the choices that we make every day impact people in a real way.

Is it true you play guitar while riding your bike?

I’ve had the great opportunity to travel quite a bit as a musician. Seeing places in a very unique way and having a lot of fun while doing it. I have since traded my guitars for bikes which is my current obsession.

What’s been your best day (so far) at Evidation?

My best day(s) at Evidation has been any day I’ve been able to get out and do fun activities with my co-workers, like paddle boarding, rock climbing, or cycling. The culture at Evidation is such that you can usually find someone willing to be active and stay healthy. This embodies the goal of Evidation—empowering people to participate in their own health outcomes.

Favorite song?

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley [ed: Mike is likely trolling us]

What’s your preferred approach to earning points on Achievement?

Connecting apps!

First trip to mars with humans on board. passenger or onlooker?


Have you ever experienced a paranormal event?


How would you describe your vertical leap?

12 inches.

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