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Let’s start with your name and what you do.

I’m Shefali, Health Outcomes Research Senior Associate. I help design and run prospective clinical trials, conduct retrospective analyses, and develop budget impact and cost-effectiveness models to measure the clinical and economic impact of digital health solutions.

Tell us about home.

I was born and raised in Connecticut and have lived in New York City and San Francisco. Home is currently Boston.

How’d you end up here?

I joined Evidation because I was excited to see all of the potential that digital health had in improving clinical and economic outcomes, and I wanted to play a role in shaping how we generate evidence and measure impact for these solutions. My favorite part about working at Evidation is that I am constantly learning from other team members—we have a diverse group of people working at Evidation who come from various sectors, so we are constantly working together to think of ways to be more efficient in how we conduct research without compromising quality and rigor.

Prior to Evidation, I worked at Analysis Group, an economic consulting firm where I supported pharmaceutical companies in product launches and through the formulary-decision making process. I received my MPH in Health Policy, which focused on cost-effectiveness analysis and health economics.

What’s going on under those headphones?

I binge-listen to podcasts.

What’s been your best day (so far) at Evidation?

It is always very exciting when we see the final results of a clinical study and find out if a particular intervention actually improves health outcomes. It is also extremely rewarding to receive feedback from study participants who complete a study and explain how the study or digital health solution allowed them to feel better about their health and wellness.

Favorite board game?


What’s your preferred approach to earning points on Achievement?

Research and studies!

First trip to Mars with humans on board. Passenger or Onlooker?


Have you ever experienced a paranormal event?


How would you describe your vertical leap?

I am afraid of heights.

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