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Meet Eve, the centerpiece of Evidation Health's new visual identity

A little less than three years ago, we announced that we had changed our name to Evidation Health. In the ensuing time, we have grown to over seventy amazing people; designed, launched, and executed dozens of studies to enable an entirely new form of discovery; and scaled our consumer delivery platform, Achievement, almost ten-fold (which, earlier this year launched a new identity of its own).

Today, we have a more complete understanding of who we are—our mission, our values, and our vision for individuals in healthcare. Evidation Health is a technology and services company that helps individuals and the world’s most innovative healthcare companies understand and influence the everyday behaviors that create better health outcomes.

When we put the right lens on everyday behavior data, we are able to understand health in a different way than has been done before. We sift through passively collected (and individually-permissioned) signals—from the smartphones in your pocket and how you interact with them (whether tapping, talking, or moving), to dedicated wearables and other connected devices, all in context—to piece together everyday behavior. Routines, propensities, activation, responsiveness, influenceability, entropy, and more. Characterizing behavior turns out to be a very hard problem, and doing it in the context of health—that’s even harder. And then even if you capture behavior at a point in time, it will change, requiring a constant connection to the individual to recalibrate.

We are obsessed with everyday behavior because our studies are beginning to demonstrate that this data is much more than noise. When we combine these signals with traditional healthcare data—anywhere/anytime patient reports, claims, electronic health records, and diagnostics—we can learn a lot about a person’s health and how it’s changing. We can start to create a picture of diagnosis before illness, best matched treatments and responsiveness, and entirely transparent and objective outcomes measures. As individuals grow to control every piece of this puzzle, medicine is set for its largest sea change since its invention.

With all of this in the backdrop, we began thinking seriously about our identity over a year ago, wondering how we could incorporate these themes: a different way to understand and measure health, a bold new direction for medicine that starts from the individual, and constant, unforgiving change. We’re excited to share the new brand identity for Evidation Health.

Special thanks to the extraordinarily creative team at Fuzzco and to Malay Gandhi for all their efforts to make this happen.

Full lockup
The graphic element of the logo is impossible to miss: a blurred, Goldenrod circle slightly obscuring the wordmark. Our logo mark was inspired by the electron—always moving, and nearly impossible to characterize. As our company has matured, it has become synonymous with establishing the relationship between everyday behavior and health. We felt it was time to remove ‘health’ from the logo, instead focusing on the bold, deeply grounded logotype of Evidation.

The graphic element is known as Eve. You’ll notice it around the website and across our identity, representing both change and motion, and the actual act of discovery. Discovery can be fuzzy—even within rigorously designed studies, characterizing behavior will always fall somewhere short of a perfect model.

Alternate lockups
Eve is always in motion, providing us with space to explore how it interacts with the logotype. Don’t be surprised to come across different lockups in the wild.

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