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Sanofi will leverage Evidation Health’s Real Life Study Platform to quantify the impact of real life behaviors in connected patients.

San Mateo, CA—August 1, 2017 Sanofi and Evidation Health today extended their partner relationship over the next three years to help increase Sanofi’s understanding of the daily burden of disease and develop innovative solutions that help improve therapeutic outcomes. Sanofi will tap Evidation’s expertise as a pioneer in quantifying the impact of patient behaviors in real life on the eventual outcome of a course of treatment. The agreement builds upon Evidation Health and Sanofi’s prior work in translating consumer-generated behavioral data to quantified clinical and economic outcomes.

Healthcare professionals and research scientists have long understood that behaviors can play a significant role in patient outcomes. In some cases, those factors can even help predict how likely it is for an individual to get sick in the first place. Until recently, however, the challenge has been discovering which previously unmeasurable behaviors play a significant role in outcomes.

As more patients become “connected,” however, the data needed for that analysis is becoming more widely available. Patient-generated information from wearables and mobile devices is growing rapidly; last year, 46% percent of U.S. consumers were considered active digital health adopters, while 24% owned a wearable and 22% were actively tracking at least one key health factor via a mobile application, according to a national survey conducted by Rock Health.

“Consumers are sharing their digital footprint through wearables, sensors, and apps, and we need to listen, so we can better help them navigate their day-to-day health journey,” said Christine Lemke, Cofounder and President of Evidation Health. “By partnering with Sanofi’s innovative team, we have an opportunity to better manage population health in the digital era by illuminating underlying health behaviors in a privacy-safe and patient-permissioned way.”

The Evidation technology platform enables life sciences companies to efficiently evaluate the impact of behaviors on health outcomes at scale – through linking real-life data from connected devices with medical and contextual data in virtual studies that leverage digital biomarkers across therapeutic areas.

“Working closely with Evidation and its distinctive analytics platform will help us better understand the factors that affect patient outcomes,” said Heather Bell, SVP and Global Head of Digital and Analytics at Sanofi. “We can then use those insights to support patients and healthcare professionals in managing disease and delivering the most value from our therapies. As an example, we have already worked with Evidation Health to identify behavioral markers that could improve treatment adherence and guide positive lifestyle change in patients with type 2 diabetes.”

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Evidation Health helps healthcare companies quantify outcomes in the digital era, with real life data from connected patients. The company developed its Real Life Study Platform to accelerate and enhance outcomes research through virtualized pragmatic trials– measuring the impact of digital health and traditional interventions far more efficiently than traditional approaches. Evidation Health works across the healthcare ecosystem with top pharmaceutical companies, payers, providers, and digital healthcare companies. Evidation Health is a privately held company headquartered in San Mateo, CA. For more information, visit


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