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Pioneering work on digital measures

Our research centers on inventive methods for capturing, quantifying, and analyzing person-generated health data across multiple disease and therapeutic areas. Browse by research category or condition to learn more about how the definition of medicine is changing.

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Mar 29 2021

McDermott M.B.A, Wang S, Marinsek N, Ranganath R, Foschini L, and Ghassemi M

Source: Science Translational Medicine

Mar 01 2021

Shapiro A, Bradshaw B, Landes S, Kammann P, Bois De Fer B, Lee W, and Lange R

Source: NPJ Digital Medicine

Mar 01 2021

Shapiro A, Marinsek N, Clay I, Bradshaw B, Ramirez E, Min J, Trister A, Wang Y, Althoff A, and Foschini L

Source: Patterns

Mar 01 2021

Karas M, Marinsek N, Goldhahn J, Foschini L, Ramirez E, and Clay I

Source: Karger Digital Biomarkers

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