Purpose: There are currently many diabetes apps available, but there is limited evidence demonstrating clinical impact. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of a diabetes mobile app with in-app coaching by a certified diabetes educator on glycemic control for individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Methods: A 12 week-long single-arm intent-to-treat trial evaluated the impact of a diabetes mobile app and coaching program (One Drop | Mobile With One Drop | Experts), which facilitated tracking of self-care and included an in-app diabetes education program, on A1C for individu- als with type 2 diabetes and an A1C ≥7.5% (58 mmol/mol). Evidation’s online study platform was used to screen, consent, and enroll participants; collect study data; and track participants’ progress throughout the study. Baseline and study end A1C measurements as well as questionnaire data from participants were collected.

Impact of OneDrop on HbA1c

Results: Participants (n = 146) were 52 ± 9 years old, 71% female, 25% black or Hispanic, diagnosed with diabetes for 11 ± 7 years, and with a mean baseline A1C of 9.87% ± 2.0 (84 mmol/mol). In adjusted repeated measures models, mean A1C improved by −0.86% among study completers (n = 127), −0.96% among active users of the app and coaching program (n = 93), and −1.32% among active users with a baseline A1C ≥9.0% (75 mmol/mol) (n = 53).

Conclusions: This program was associated with a clinically meaningful and significant reduction in A1C and can potentially increase access to effective diabetes self-management education and support for individuals with diabetes.

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Aug 08 2019

Chan R, Jankovic F, Marinsek N, Foschini L, Kourtis L, Signorini A, Pugh M, Shen J, Yaari R, Maljkovic V, Sunga M, Hee Song H, Joon Jung H, Tseng B, Trister A

Source: KDD 2019