It Takes a Village: Development of Digital Measures for Computer Scientists

Digibiom 21

Goldsack J.C and Clay I

ABSTRACT: It takes a village is a phrase often used when people describe the reality of developing digital measures, i.e. technology based monitoring for clinical trial and healthcare purposes. As digital measures become more complex, in terms of 1) the technologies, methods and data used to derive them, and 2) in terms of the aspects of health that they address, computer scientists, electrical engineers and other people coming from a data or computing background are increasingly important members of this village.

To enable more people to bridge the gap from data-orientated background to clinical application of their skills, we present key terms related to digital measures in a unified lexicon to aid communication throughout this process. We highlight key concepts including the critical role of participant engagement in the development of digital measures. We highlight a range of challenges and considerations where computer scientists can have a particular impact on the development of a new digital measure. Presented in accessible language, we build on published best practices, illustrate with concrete examples, and include up-to-date references for further reading