Sensor Data Integration: A New Cross-Industry Collaboration to Articulate Value, Define Needs, and Advance a Framework for Best Practices


Clay I, Angelopoulos C, Bailey A.L., Blocker A, Carini S, Carvajal R, Drummond D, McManus K.F., Oakley-Girvan I, Patel K.B., Szepietowski P, and Goldsack J.C.

ABSTRACT: Data integration, the processes by which data are aggregated, combined, and made available for use, has been key to the development and growth of many technological solutions. In health care, we are experiencing a revolution in the use of sensors to collect data on patient behaviors and experiences. Yet, the potential of this data to transform health outcomes is being held back. Deficits in standards, lexicons, data rights, permissioning, and security have been well documented, less so the cultural adoption of sensor data integration as a priority for large-scale deployment and impact on patient lives. The use and reuse of trustworthy data to make better and faster decisions across drug development and care delivery will require an understanding of all stakeholder needs and best practices to ensure these needs are met. The Digital Medicine Society is launching a new multistakeholder Sensor Data Integration Tour of Duty to address these challenges and more, providing a clear direction on how sensor data can fulfill its potential to enhance patient lives.