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Nov 29 2019

Lee WN, Stück D, Konti K, Rivers C, Brown CR, Zbikowski SM, Foschini L

Source: Vaccine

Feb 12 2019

Ben Bradshaw, Kevin Konty, Ernesto Ramirez, Wei-Nchih Lee, Alessio Signorini, Luca Foschini

Source: International Society for Disease Surveillance Conference 2019

Oct 17 2018

David Stück, Wei-Nchih Lee, Luca Foschini, Rave Harpaz, William DuMouchel, Susan M. Zbikowski, Courtney R. Brown

Source: SMDM 2018

Jun 24 2018

Sandrine Samson, Wei-Nchih Lee, Tom Quisel, Luca Foschini, Jan Liska, Henry Mills, Rosalind Hollingsworth, Michael Greenberg, Anne C. Beal

Source: American Diabetes Association 2018

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