Direct Connection: Save the date: March 22

March 13, 2023

March 13, 2023

Direct Connection: Save the date: March 22

March 13, 2023
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Image with three faces, tilted with Using longitudinal RWD to boost activation along the patient journey

People now play a more active role in their own health—but too often don’t know about relevant care and resources. Relying on traditional data and segmentation means healthcare companies lack critical insights to engage the right patients at the right time in clinically meaningful ways. Using real-world data, you can reach, understand, and activate patients in a way that improves both care and resource optimization.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how companies harness longitudinal real-world data to:

  • Fill in gaps about people’s everyday health missed by traditional data and episodic claims and EHRs
  • Build comprehensive patient journeys and more nuanced segments
  • Engage and activate the right individuals to help them and their healthcare providers better detect symptoms, prompt earlier diagnoses, inform treatment decisions, and improve adherence

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Building the Digital Front Door with a Patient-Centered Lens

Building the digital front door might help increase market share, but doing so with a patient-centered focus will help ensure the digital suite meets patient needs.

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The Health Benefits and Business Potential of Digital Therapeutics

Digital-native start-ups and healthcare incumbents can both play important roles in building and scaling digital therapeutics to improve the management of chronic health conditions.

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What we've been up to:

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Announcement: A Benchmark Registry of Health Data for Equitable Precision Health

Evidation is thrilled to announce that American Life in Realtime (ALiR) has achieved a nationally representative dataset for the US adult population across demographic, socioeconomic, and health factors.

ALiR, funded by a grant from the NIH, is a first-of-its-kind, publicly available benchmark registry and research infrastructure for person-generated health data collected from smartphones and wearables, made possible by Evidation.

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Thought Leadership: AWS Health Innovation Podcast

Curious about how Evidation came to be and how the organization has evolved over time? Wondering how we keep transparency, privacy, and trust at the forefront of all of our work?

Get your answers to these questions and more in the latest episode of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast, where you'll hear from our Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Alessio Signorini.

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Events: ViVE 2023 (March 26-29)

Will you be in Nashville next month for ViVE?

Be sure to set aside some time to visit our team at Booth #2556. We'd love to discuss the many different ways we can partner together to continue to advance tech innovation to produce better health outcomes.

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Events: Pharma USA 2023 (March 28-29)

Evidation will be at Pharma USA next month, and we want to meet with you!

Schedule a meeting with our team to discuss how we can leverage longitudinal real-world data to improve patient engagement in your population.

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Monika Jain, Director of Research Partnerships

Get To Know Your Evidation Team

As Director of Research Partnerships, Monika Jain works cross-functionally to grow our commercial and R&D partnerships within the government, academia, and non-profit sectors. Prior to Evidation, Monika was a Manager within Deloitte’s Healthcare & Life Sciences management consulting practice, where she worked with health plans, providers, and managed care organizations to develop strategies for growth and business model transformation. Her work is deeply rooted in building long-lasting relationships by identifying partners with complementary strengths that can achieve highly impactful results by working together.

Monika holds a B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and a B.A. in Psychology from University of California Davis. She also holds an M.H.A. in Healthcare Policy and Management from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. 

Outside of work, Monika spends time with her husband, daughter, and extended family enjoying cultural events and local parks near her home in San Francisco. She also has a passion for architecture, construction, and making old things new again. She can often be found starting up DIY remodeling projects and experimenting with new materials and techniques.

Connect with Monika here.

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