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An easier way to create branded digital health programs that drive results.

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Increase enjoyment & engagement

Become an essential health resource with useful, personalized content, insights, and rewards rooted in behavioral science.

Understand health in everyday life

The vast majority of health happens outside of clinical interactions. Build a more complete view of individual experiences with longitudinal wearable and survey data collection.

Prompt actions & behavior

Engage individuals with relevant actions and opportunities (e.g., programs, HCP support) at the right time based on specific characteristics and real-world behavior.

Deliver results faster and more cost effectively

Launch or upgrade your existing programs quickly with our pre-built modules developed through our extensive experience in engaging individuals around their health:

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client programs
peer-reviewed publications

Our clients are doing amazing work to improve health

Digital health measurement
and activation platform

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Engage individuals around their health

ePros and surveys
Personalized content
Activity tracking
Behavioral incentives


Connect continuous, disparate data into usable insights and signals

Contextual data from surveys, location, and weather
Data ingestion across 30+ wearables and apps
3rd party sources (EHR, claims)
Novel, derived measures of health


Smarter programs that drive better outcomes

Drive the right action with the right person at the right time
Build holistic, longitudinal patient journeys
Identify high risk individuals based on real world measures
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Evidation partners with a variety of organizations, including 13 of the top 15 life science companies, and insurers, health systems, technology companies, academia, professional societies and government agencies.

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