Read more: Evidation, USC and RAND awarded NIH R01 Research Project Grant to develop a representative digital health dataset and novel data science methods

Radically changing medicine.

Evidation Health’s technology powers a novel discovery engine for behavior-focused studies and a modern delivery platform that connects everyone who wants to participate in better health outcomes. Individuals are at the center of it all.



Constructing a new context for health.

Rooted in rigorous science, our product captures and analyzes passive, continuous behavior data to quantify health outcomes that more accurately reflect an individual's day-to-day experience.

Can objectively characterizing everyday life for tens of thousands improve chronic pain treatment?

Connected populations

Can a conversation be used to detect the hidden beginnings of Alzheimer’s?

Digital measure

Can day-to-day physical activity represent real world functional mobility?

Real world evidence



Mapping the behaviorome.

Our research centers on inventive methods for capturing, quantifying, and analyzing behavior data in the context of human health. We have embarked on a scientific exposition to characterize the relationship between everyday behaviors and health outcomes—we call this the behaviorome.