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New ways to measure health in everyday life.

Evidation’s mission is to empower everyone to participate in better health outcomes.

Evidation measures health in everyday life and enables anyone to participate in ground-breaking research and health programs. Built upon a foundation of user privacy and control over permissioned health data, Evidation’s Achievement platform is trusted by millions of individuals—generating data with unprecedented speed, scale, and rigor.

We partner with leading life sciences and healthcare companies to understand health and disease outside the clinic walls.

Our Platform

Evidation is a two-sided platform connecting individuals and enterprises. On the consumer side, we provide value to over 4 million individuals (Achievers) across the US who are highly motivated to participate in research including testing of digital health programs. On the enterprise side, Evidation provides biopharma, med-tech, big tech, academic institutions, professional societies, and government partners the ability to: generate evidence; and design, test, and deploy programs that motivate evidence-based action.

Evidation pioneered Person-Generated Health Data (PGHD)

The vast majority of an individual’s lived health experience is outside of a medical facility, and yet clinicians and researchers fly blind to this aspect of an individual.

Evidation’s network of Achievers are highly motivated to participate in managing their health. We complement their active engagement with the passive monitoring of consumer wearables and apps, at their behest and with their consent.

Reach highly engaged individuals through the Evidation network

Our Products


  • Disease Burden and Patient Impact
  • Patient Segmentation and Identification
  • Disease Event & Progression Modeling

Health Programs

  • Identify the Right Patients
  • Nudge on the Right Action
  • Measure Action and Outcome

Our Publications

From published white papers and in-depth case studies to timely articles and insightful thought leadership, you’ll find an array of vital information that will help you stay at the forefront of better health outcomes.

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