Build a more detailed view of communities and their health to improve outcomes

Conduct longitudinal research, engage participants, and work with disaggregated datasets.

Our platform and two-way connection to individuals enables:

Research Enablement and Open Science

Get a more detailed picture of national health with validated ePROs, surveys, and continuous, objective data capture from wearables and devices

Prioritize funding decisions with a deeper understanding of what’s actually driving community behavior and outcomes in everyday life

Enrich large public datasets with longitudinal, novel, patient-provided data

Accelerate new ways for researchers to prevent, detect, and treat diseases

Better quantify true disease burden and productivity with objective measures of activity and health

Build more inclusive, representative datasets with low-burden methods to collect data directly from individuals outside traditional care settings

Improve data quality with sophisticated, high-retention engagement models and passive data collection

Promote open science and collaboration between agencies, researchers, and community organizations in a secure, privacy-centric way

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Research Recruitment

Accelerate recruitment with our well-characterized, engaged community and precision segmentation

Build and engage representative cohorts that can be activated into research opportunities over time

Strengthen research engagement and data collection with non-invasive prompts triggered by health events

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FIND ELIGIBLE Participants

Public Health and Engagement

Improve public health program effectiveness by acting on new insights about people’s lived experience, perceptions and motivations—and how they evolve over time

Support disease prevention and earlier diagnoses with direct, two-way communication, education, and alerts to receive care when appropriate

Uncover opportunities to intervene in people’s health journeys outside traditional care settings

Drive healthier actions at scale with relevant resources and opportunities delivered to the right people at the right time

Increase knowledge of vaccines, preventative care and other key health topics with low cost, engaging digital methods

Reach underrepresented individuals by uncovering hidden unmet needs and barriers

Test and refine messaging and tactics with a two-way connection to populations before scaling to broader programs

Create engaging programs with elegant UX, smart content delivery, and rewarding activities rooted in behavioral science

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American Life in Real-Time: Creating the first large-scale, nationally representative digital health dataset
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Developing an early warning algorithm for individuals at high risk for COVID-19
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Large-scale influenza vaccination promotion on a mobile app platform
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Rapid enrollment of representative population in COVID-19 program

individuals enrolled into market research and engagement program in 5 weeks


program engagement


of those participants recruited into real-world evidence study in 2 weeks

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Exploring potential to reduce stroke risk with earlier detection of Afib

Study aims to assess whether the Heartline™ Study app on iPhone, and the ECG app and irregular rhythm notification feature on Apple Watch, can reduce the likelihood of stroke and improve health outcomes with earlier detection of atrial fibrillation.

Data sources integrated include Medicare claims, HealthKit app data, and ePRO data.

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Better Understanding of the Metamorphosis of Pregnancy (BUMP)
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Developing Measures of Cognitive Impairment in the Real World from Consumer-Grade Multimodal Sensor Streams
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Supporting conversations at the point of care with personalized health insights

of first 15,000 participants downloaded personalized insights report


of individuals who shared their report with their care team found it helpful or extremely helpful

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Recruiting a highly specific group of migraine sufferers in days

Met complex inclusion and exclusion criteria related to chronic migraine episode frequency and other key characteristics

13 days

to enroll



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Increasing treatment rates with co-created patient engagement

Type 2 diabetes flu vaccine education program enabled life sciences company to test and refine content and messaging over time. 

Up to 2x

increased flu vaccination rates* for participants who engaged with customized diabetes content.

Evidence-based learnings to scale to broader vaccination programs

*Based on self-reported vaccination status

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