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How studies work

One of the many ways to contribute to research on Evidation is by joining a health study.


See if you’re eligible

We'll ask you about yourself and your health conditions to see if you're a good fit for the study. Some studies might require other activities, like labwork, to see if you're able to join.


If eligible, learn more about participating and decide if you want to join the study

After learning about what to expect, you can decide if you’re comfortable joining. If you have questions, our team is always available to help—from set up through the end of the study.


Unlike most studies, Evidation Studies take place wherever you are

Some studies require you to use devices like an activity tracker or smart scale to measure certain actions or vitals—if so, we’ll send them to your door at no cost to you.

Current Studies

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Who we work with

We partner with like-minded organizations who are just as motivated to improve health as we are—spanning life sciences, healthcare, digital technology, government, and scientific research.

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