Patient Experience Datasets

Gain a comprehensive understanding of patients’ everyday health experiences

Access retrospective data that characterizes the everyday experience of millions of patients living with specific conditions through Evidation’s established, direct connection to patients.

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Get a holistic picture of the patient experience

  • Access patient-reported data, such as validated PROs, symptom diaries, and condition experience surveys, as well as digital measures from wearable devices 
  • Enhance the data with tokenization and linkage with traditional real-world datasets through our industry leading partners
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Quickly access condition-specific datasets

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  • Obtain highly-characterized, direct-from-patient data across various conditions and therapeutic areas
  • Get data that reflects the prevalence, outcomes, and demographic diversity of populations

Improve your research in a cost-effective way

  • Utilize the data for hypothesis generation, post-market surveillance, patient journey mapping, patient segmentation, clinical study augmentation, and more
  • Bypass slow and costly prospective research or the time lags of conventional claims and EHR data
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A faster path to the data you need

Highly characterized
data points collected daily
of U.S. zip codes represented
Diverse insights
Access large datasets on
health conditions
of members belong to an underrepresented demographics
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Key features

A curated selection of patient experience datasets helps customers understand individuals’ experiences with specific conditions outside the clinic walls:
Two phones stacked side by side and slightly on top of eachother. The top phone has a screenshot of the Evidation app and a wellness survey; the question on the survey reads, "Overall, how satisfied are you with your health?" with the following options, "Very satisfied, satisfied, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied." The bottom phone is a screenshot of the Evidation app home screen; this showcases a card to the user to update their health profile by completing a quick survey.

Patient-reported data from daily check-ins, symptom diaries, and condition-specific surveys

Validated ePROs such as GAD-7 and PHQ-8, collected longitudinally from members

Digital measures such as resting heart rate, sleep, and steps collected passively from wearables tracking daily activities

Demographic data of Evidation Members, covering age, gender, socioeconomic status, zip code, and more

Social determinants of health data including relevant ICD code information

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How it works

A one-stop-shop that allows for efficient delivery of stand-alone datasets collected by Evidation, or linkage of Evidation datasets with secondary data sources for complete capture of individuals’ lived experience.

Evidation data permissioning

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Direct delivery

  • Delivery of Evidation collected data if no linkage is required

Data linkage

  • De-identifed, tokenized datasets are securely matched and linked through our partnership with Datavant
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Data delivery

  • One time de-identified row-level data delivery
  • Data dictionaries
  • “Datasheet” which describes the data generating process
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See how we drive success for our customers:

Identifying and addressing gaps in the patient experience
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Myovant uncovered significant unmet needs among individuals with uterine fibroids (UF) in a direct-to-patient 4-month study with 350 women living with UF.


weekly survey completion


daily survey completion

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FluSmart participants receive alerts and nudges to seek care
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In partnership with BARDA, Evidation developed and deployed a flu monitoring program, FluSmart, within the Evidation Community to collect rich, longitudinal data and activate high-risk participants into research and care.


individuals partcipated in FluSmart


engagement rate

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Members who suffer from migraines receive personal health feedback

Evidation developed, and deployed, MigraineSmart, a symptom tracking health program that collects direct-from-participant data and provides educational content and personalized insights to participants, helping them better understand and manage their migraines.


individuals participated in the MigraineSmart program


said that tracking helps them better understand symptom patterns and migraine triggers

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Who we work with

Evidation partners include nine of the top 10 biopharma companies in the world, as well as insurers, health systems, technology companies, academia, professional societies, and government agencies.

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