Earn points for health actions, like walking, sleeping, and more

Track your activity by connecting health apps like Fitbit and Apple Health.

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Complete cards by answering questions, taking surveys, and reading articles.

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Redeem your points for cash or charities.

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Our members love earning points and getting paid for things they’re already doing. And connecting an app or smart device makes it easy.

Get insights about your health

Answer questions about yourself and your goals.

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Make sense of your data—from step count to sleep patterns.

Unlock personalized content and trend reports

Get personalized content—like health tips, articles, and more.

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Tailored surveys, tips, and articles help our members learn more about their health and health-related topics important to them and their loved ones.

Participate in cutting-edge research

Contribute to research and deepen our understanding of health.

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Research findings are published in top medical journals for the benefit of all.

Unlock personalized content and trend reports
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Participating in health research on Evidation gives our members an opportunity to contribute in ways meaningful to them.

Join a program

Track and understand specific  conditions in new and interesting ways

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Current Programs

Heart Health

In partnership with the American College of Cardiology, the Hearth Health Program delivers evidence-based content, resources, and tools to thousands managing heart health.

Open to individuals with heart-related conditions.

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Current Programs

Flu Smart

We’re tracking the spread of flu and its impact on communities—even before symptoms appear. Our Flu Smart program, in partnership with Roche, provides tips and updates about staying healthy this season and raises awareness about flu.

Open to all individuals.

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Current Programs

Moderna Community

Join the Moderna Community to receive helpful COVID-19 public health and wellness tips—and have the opportunity to participate in research related to vaccination and COVID-19.

Open to anyone interested in COVID-19 topics, regardless of vaccination status or vaccine used.

We partner with like-minded organizations who are just as motivated to improve health as we are—spanning life sciences, healthcare, digital technology, government, and scientific research.

Connect with over 20+ apps

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You control your data—period

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Almost 5 million people trust us to protect their data

  • You control who sees it—or doesn’t
  • You give consent every time there’s a request for your data
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