Shadows depicting two individuals riding on bikes through the mountains

Evidation Biking Did You Knows From Our Resident Data Spokesperson

May 18, 2016
2 minutes
Evidation Highlights

In honor of Bike to Work Week, we decided to spin some cycles on how Evidation Members have been biking so far in 2018 with our in-house data scientists. Specifically, which state tops the rest? We even have a visual that breaks down biking patterns within our community state by state around the United States.

We present….the biking edition of the United States of Evidation:

Map of all the rides logged during the first quarter of 2018

Did you know:

  • The state with most miles ridden per person: Washington DC (followed by New Mexico)
  • The state with the least miles ridden per person: North Dakota (followed by Montana)
  • Evidation Members logged 130,949 rides
  • Average number of rides/person/month 3.25 rides/month* (Only includes users who logged at least one ride)