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Evidation Biking Did You Knows From Our Resident Data Spokesperson

May 18, 2016
2 minutes
Evidation Highlights
Evidation highlights

In honor of Bike to Work Week, we decided to spin some cycles on how Evidation Members have been biking so far in 2018 with our in-house data scientists. Specifically, which state tops the rest? We even have a visual that breaks down biking patterns within our community state by state around the United States.

We present….the biking edition of the United States of Evidation:

Map of all the rides logged during the first quarter of 2018

Did you know:

  • The state with most miles ridden per person: Washington DC (followed by New Mexico)
  • The state with the least miles ridden per person: North Dakota (followed by Montana)
  • Evidation Members logged 130,949 rides
  • Average number of rides/person/month 3.25 rides/month* (Only includes users who logged at least one ride)

Evidation highlights
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