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Do you Really Need a Wearable Device?

July 28, 2021
4 minutes
Fitness & Exercise

Wearable devices are all the rage right now, but are they really worth it?

It seems we can do everything from our phones these days, so why the buzz around wearables? Do they really offer something our phones don’t?

You may be wondering about the benefits of wearable devices like smart watches and fitness trackers. Especially if you aren’t interested in tracking exercise or fitness routines.

Of course, if you are interested in tracking your fitness journey or exercise milestones, having a wearable can have a HUGE impact on your success.

But the benefits don’t end there.

Newer wearable devices offer a range of benefits including health benefits, like monitoring your heart rate, and conveniences, like contactless payment options!

Health Benefits of Wearable Devices

Continuous Monitoring

This is great for anyone who wants to keep tabs on their health, but it’s especially helpful for individuals with certain medical conditions.

Devices with built in heart, oxygen, and respiration (breath) monitors make it easy for anyone with a heart or lung condition to keep track of how they’re doing from day to day (or minute to minute!).

They can also help keep track of your weight, blood sugar, sleeping patterns, physical activity, and more.

This type of continuous monitoring can give you and your medical provider a much bigger picture than what is visible in the clinic.

Alerts / Predictions

While most (if not all) of these devices can send you alerts based on your activity, sleep, etc., some of them can even alert you to a possible health threat. Like if your heart rate is irregular or out of its normal rhythm.

Some can even predict potential illnesses (like the flu) and notify you so you can seek medical care.


Being connected keeps us engaged, and what better to engage with these days than our health and wellbeing?

Having the ability to monitor our actions and what effects they have on us physically allows us to engage in our own health management in ways never before possible. Wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers give us instant access to information we can use to make day to day decisions about our health and lifestyle.

Other Benefits of Wearable Devices

No-contact payments!

This is a big one these days. More and more people are moving to contactless payment options to minimize exposure.

But even no-contact credit and debit cards still require you to dig into your wallet or pocket.

Some wearables cut this hassle with a truly contactless payment option.

Emergency Calls/SOS Messages

Being able to send an emergency message without your phone is a potential life saver. Often when we need help the most, our phones are not within reach or would take too long to access.

With access to emergency assistance right from our wrists, the time it takes to get help can be drastically reduced.

Many of today’s wearable devices are also equipped with fall detection and can send messages for you if you are unable to respond. And even wearables without phone access can often connect to an emergency notification app.

Safer Driving

Many of today’s wearables can send and receive hands-free calls and messages. They can also access maps and provide voice-guided or vibration-guided navigation. Features like these can help eliminate or reduce distractions while driving.

Apps and wearables you can pair with the Evidation App

Evidation is about supporting and rewarding you on your health journey.

To make that easy and convenient we pair with other apps/trackers so that you can use whatever devices you prefer!

We’re working hard to grow this list of apps and devices. If there’s one you’d like to see let us know.

You can email us at

Or reach out on social media!

Below is a list of current apps and wearables that Evidation pairs with (as of July 2021). For an up-to-date list, click here.

Wearable Devices

Apple Watch




Oura Ring



Apple Health




Google Fit













Samsung Health