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Give the Happiness Project Podcast a Listen

April 16, 2020
1 minute
Lifestyle Health & Wellness
Mental health

Given how tumultuous a time it has been for all, we found this podcast with episodes that will lift your spirits. The Happiness Lab podcast is narrated by Dr. Laurie Santos who is a Yale professor who teaches a class called “Psychology and the Good Life.” Through various episodes, Dr. Santos references the latest, relevant scientific research and relates them to everyday experiences and some unusual moments.

In this specific series, she’s curated a variety of content related to coping with the coronavirus. We found a lot of the commentary relatable and useful.

The content specific to coronavirus includes the following:

  1. Beat Your Isolation Loneliness
  2. Coach Yourself Through a Crisis
  3. Rising to a Challenge
  4. Calm Can Be Contagious
  5. Help Others to Help Yourself
  6. Keep Your Relationship Happy
  7. Checking in with Susan David
    Susan David is a Psychologist at Harvard Medical School who offers ways to manage fear and panic through healthy strategies that anyone can adopt.
  8. Laurie’s Personal Tips

Mental health
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