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Self-Care Tips from our Evidation Members

March 27, 2020
3 minutes
Lifestyle Health & Wellness

We know that together we can always achieve more. That’s why we were glad to hear from so many members when we sent out a poll about self-care tips during coronavirus.

We received over 75,000 responses and decided to consolidate some of the top themes we saw across our community to gauge how Evidation Members were practicing self-care during this time.

Here’s a list of the top 20 activities and suggestions that we saw!

  1. Make sure to eat and drink immune boosting food and beverages. For a list of suggestions, check out this article from CNN Health.
    Teaser: Carrots, kale, and apricot are good sources of beta carotene and oranges, strawberries, and broccoli are good sources of Vitamin C.
  2. Take the time that you need when possible to squeeze in a nap to get enough rest.
  3. Make a morning and evening routine to help create some structure during your day.
  4. Watch a comedy show to make sure to create laughter during your day. Check out some of the top stand up comedy shows on Netflix.
  5. Create a gratitude list or even download a Gratitude Journal app to document positive things that happen throughout your day.
  6. Take out your favorite board game to play with friends or family. Check out a few ideas here!
  7. Plant some seeds or work on a gardening project. Watch this YouTube video from Epic Gardening for ideas (including how to use a water bottle to make a container garden)
  8. Take a long bath and grab a face mask or two! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make a natural face mask with ingredients at home.
  9. Check out one of these online resources to print out coloring books to take a mini break in the middle of your day.
  10. Spend time catching up on reading. If you’re a parent, check out some free content and stories that Audible has made available here.
  11. Stretch daily! Here’s a quick yoga video for when you need a mid work-day break.
  12. Work towards a goal even if you’re stuck indoors. For example, try a new recipe every week or make it a point to connect via video chat with a friend or family member every few days.
  13. Up your podcast game! Check out this list from Esquire on top 2020 podcasts to listen to.
  14. Find a class that you can take online! Here’s a list of popular classes from Coursera that are available for free online.
  15. For parents — rally kids together to write chalk messages on the sidewalk! We’ve heard about neighborhoods spreading positivity to others through sidewalk chalk messages, and we’re inspired by trending #chalkwalks.
  16. Try a crafting project like knitting or crocheting to calm your nerves. Check out this tutorial on how to learn how to knit.
  17. Limit your news intake. Try and stay updated, but not inundated with new stories.
  18. Be sure to drink lots of water!
  19. Have a dance party at home or virtually with co-workers! Our team has a weekly 5-minute dance party.
  20. Jump on the jigsaw puzzle bandwagon. Grab a puzzle from your local bookstore.

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