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Together We Can Achieve More

June 17, 2020
2 minutes
Personal Health
Health assessment and Evidation

At Evidation, we’re focused on meeting people where they are and helping them along their health journey. Our engaged community of members represents 96% of U.S. counties and includes individuals across ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. This community puts us in a unique position to learn from one another and contribute to meaningful health research.

With a mission of helping people participate in better health outcomes, we're committed to identifying opportunities that are inclusive of all and educating ourselves on the social issues that are impacting the world. To truly achieve our mission of helping people participate in better health outcomes, we recognize we have more work to do. Our commitment going forward:

  • Provide our members with educational content around health and race curated by our team of researchers.
  • Put in place more inclusive study opportunities for members to participate in.
  • Do our part as a research company to participate in inclusive clinical research practices to ensure diverse and generalizable results through diverse participant recruitment and participation.
  • Hold ourselves accountable by reporting our progress out to our members.

We’re committed to supporting long-term systematic change and stand in solidarity with our Black teammates, Evidation Members, and the entire Black community. We know this is only the beginning of the conversation, and we need to continue to fight for equality. We’ll continue to listen, educate ourselves, take action, hold ourselves accountable, and pledge to do our best to support all communities to participate in better health outcomes.

An immediate change we’re pleased to share is that Evidation Members can now donate their rewards to these charities:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

The Bail Project

Equal Justice Initiative

Center for Policing Equity

Loveland Foundation

American Civil Liberties Union

Black Girls Code

The Marshall Project

Southern Poverty Law Center

Text that reflects Evidation's commitment to participate in inclusive clinical research practices
Health assessment and Evidation
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