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    Segment by condition, demographics and other key criteria matched to protocols among dozens of therapeutic areas

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    Reach underrepresented audiences

    Increase diversity with coverage across 97% U.S. zip codes and segmentation by social determinants of health

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    Streamline recruitment and data collection

    Target individuals based on algorithms to characterize health risks and likelihood of symptom incidence during the trial (such as flare ups, acute illness and more)

Migraine study

Participants recruited in 13 days

COVID-19 market research

Participants recruited in 5 weeks

Influenza clinical trial

Instances of flu-like symptoms from predictive model using digital health measures
Individuals referred to clinical trial for 2022-2023 flu season

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Evidation partners include nine of the top 10 biopharma companies in the world, as well as insurers, health systems, technology companies, academia, professional societies, and government agencies.