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Get Out and Moving this Great Outdoors Month

June 22, 2022
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In the United States alone, over 300 million people have a smartphone. For many, that increase in connectivity through technology has led to becoming disconnected from the outdoors.

During National Great Outdoors Month, we look to celebrate and explore our surroundings and discover the many beautiful sights our world has to offer. 

What activities can you take part in to embrace the outdoors?

Where should you explore? 

How should you celebrate? 

Besides spending time outside, how else can we take part in helping our environment and the many communities that thrive outdoors?

In today’s article, we’ll be touching on the many activities and places you can visit to celebrate Great Outdoors Month. Keep reading to discover more!

What physical activities can we take part in?

There’s no shortage of activities to do outdoors.

From rock climbing to canoeing, with such a diverse landscape across the country, there’s bound to be some kind of activity to enjoy.

We know there are many benefits from exercise itself. It can help control weight, improve mood, and reduce the risk of heart diseases. But combining exercise with spending time outdoors could have a profound impact on your well-being.

But physical activity isn’t the only way to reap the benefits of spending time outside. Just being out in nature is good for us. 

In fact, spending time outdoors may actually reduce stress. 

While there are many different outdoor activities you can take part in, some ideas include:

  • Cycling - this is a great cardio workout that puts minimal stress on our joints yet challenges core muscles and legs. 
  • Hiking - explore your local area or a national park while improving your cardiovascular health and decreasing stress.
  • Paddling - spending time on the water by kayaking or canoeing with others is a great way to enjoy the weather while working your muscles and cardiovascular system, and it may even help improve stability.
  • Rock climbing - challenge your abilities and enjoy the natural landscapes by rock climbing.
  • Walking - physical activity doesn’t have to be strenuous to be beneficial. Take a walk in your local park, or a stroll through a zoo or nature preserve.
  • Garden - gardening is a great way to reap the benefits of being outside and get some mild exercise. 
  • Have a picnic or BBQ - eating outside feels good. Have a picnic with friends or family or invite them over for a BBQ and share the benefits of being together and being outside. 

How to celebrate great outdoors month and where to explore

Getting out and active is a great way to celebrate this June, but there are other ways you can  celebrate Great Outdoors Month by contributing and helping the environment and local communities.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Plan a trip - whether traveling solo or with friends and family, planning a trip is a great way to celebrate. 
  • Spend some time outdoors - You don’t have to go on a big trip to celebrate this month. Go to the local park and throw the ball around or go on a small hiking trip to explore your local area.
  • Visit national parks - with a total of 63 national parks in the United States there are lots of landscapes to explore. From the Grand Canyon in Arizona to Yosemite National Park in California, America has plenty of national parks to discover.
  • Conserve the outdoors - Help celebrate this month by cleaning up. Participate with local groups hosting events or host your own. You can even go out and clean up the trails, parks, and other local spots in your area.
  • Volunteer as a summer camp counselor - spend some time helping others as a counselor at a summer camp. 

Conclusion - Great Outdoors Month

Great Outdoors Month is a time to embrace the surrounding landscapes and nature. 

Whether you decide to take a day trip fishing or to explore a national park you’ve never been to, we encourage you to get outdoors and find some time to get active and enjoy all the beautiful landscapes our country has to offer.

Make sure to share this with a friend or family member who you’d like to take with you on a trip or adventure during Great Outdoors Month!

Seasonal health
Workout tips
Health tips
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