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The future of digital health and Evidation's role in it

August 9, 2023
5 minutes
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As technological advancements continue to change the world around us, the impact on healthcare is nothing short of amazing. Technology has improved the way healthcare organizations can communicate with individuals and how their health records are stored and accessed. Additionally, it has streamlined telemedicine, making appointments much easier and more accessible.

Technology has also provided significant opportunities for research and medical advancements to take place in the field, opening the door for better treatment plans, early diagnoses, and more knowledge and understanding of medical conditions and diseases.

This post will explore the evolving landscape of technology and its impact on healthcare and what Evidation is doing to participate and fuel innovation and discovery.

What is digital health?

Digital health encompasses an expansive landscape, including wearable devices, telehealth and medicine, health information technology, and personalized medicine.

Thanks to the incredible advancements in technology, the healthcare and medicine sectors have drastically changed and improved through the accessibility of mobile apps, software, and machine learning.

The types of digital health technology vary from electronic health records to simple apps to track daily wellness and activity to heart monitors, along with innovative devices and sensors that can potentially save lives.

These advancements have made it more efficient to diagnose and treat various health conditions and diseases, along with customizing treatment plans designed specifically for individuals, rather than a blanket solution for the masses.

How wearable health monitoring devices enhance our lives

As we see technology impact the healthcare industry significantly, the health tools we have access to daily are improving as well.

Female athlete setting up smart watch before workout in a forest

Take Evidation, for example.

Many health and fitness apps and wearable devices support users in logging daily meals and tracking exercise. Evidation takes it several steps further by providing our members with motivation to take positive steps to build healthy, lifelong habits.

Connecting the Evidation app to a fitness tracker or wearable device will allow you to begin tracking your activities. You’ll also be prompted to complete health surveys and polls about your daily habits, sleep, energy levels, and more. Over time, the Evidation app will provide insights to help you improve your health and achieve your goals.

Additionally, Evidation provides a unique opportunity for its members to participate in research and clinical studies geared toward their specific medical conditions. In doing so, members can can help to advance healthcare for everyone.

How personalized medicine and care changes lives

In healthcare, a one-size-fits-all solution, unfortunately, does not exist. Why’s that? We’re all different and unique, making it impossible to diagnose and treat every person the exact same way. This approach may work for the common cold, but personalized medicine is essential for more complicated medical issues.

Precision health is the idea that an individual’s unique genes, environment, and lifestyle all play a role in their overall health. In a precision health treatment plan, a person’s care is designed based on their background, health condition, and many other factors. It’s a more tailored approach to healthcare and saves time and energy for the individual and their healthcare team.

Aside from personalized treatment, custom health insights and data are extremely helpful in tracking and improving overall health. Evidation tracks regular activity by integrating with popular fitness apps to help you build healthy habits, one day at a time.

The Evidation app also sends members daily surveys and health-related questions to gather data and insights and then compares this information to their regular activity.

Over time, these health insights can become efficient and resourceful in tracking health patterns and understanding where members are (physically and mentally) with their health and wellness. As you can see, personalized medicine and healthcare can begin in the hands of the individual.

With apps like Evidation, people can share a wealth of data and health insights with their healthcare team, making it easier to design a suitable treatment plan for a healthier life.

Concerns surrounding the security and privacy of health data

One of the most significant concerns with the adoption of digital health is consumer security and privacy. Consumers worry about organizations releasing their personal information and improperly sharing their data throughout the healthcare system and its entities.

From data breaches to ransomware attacks, many consumers don’t feel comfortable with their health records stored electronically. The fear of personal information being shared online is a common roadblock for many individuals regarding electronic health records and sharing personal health information through wearable devices.

These are valid concerns and ones that Evidation addresses head-on. Our robust privacy policy shares in-depth information about your right to privacy, the rights you have with respect to your information as an Evidation Member, and we secure and protect your personal information.

As an Evidation Member, your consent is required whenever we request your data. Our members have control over who can or can’t see their health data, empowering them to share (or not) as much as they want.

Precision health: Bridging the gap between research and practice

As we’ve discussed on numerous occasions, participation in healthcare research is the foundation for discovery and innovative treatment plans. Without willing participants for research, medical advancements simply won’t happen.

Many organizations already have scientists and doctors to complete the research, but the missing link is often finding participants who are open and willing to participate in a medical study.

That’s where Evidation comes in. With such an active community of members, Evidation makes it easy for members to participate in different studies. We gather personal information about each member (with their consent) through surveys, data from connected apps, and cards to match each member with the appropriate opportunities.

Evidation is designed to make substantial contributions to healthcare research by offering studies and clinical practice opportunities for members. Eligible members can participate in research studies that include actions like monitoring vitals, lab work, and more. We’ve offered our members opportunities to participate in studies on migraines, chronic pain, sleep patterns, COVID-19, mental health, and many others.

Here’s the great news - nearly one million Evidation Members have participated in medical research with Evidation, and our scientists publish their findings in the top medical journals around the world.

After becoming eligible and consenting to participate, Evidation Members can have a front-row seat to medical advancement and discovery. This is one of the many ways Evidation is driving innovation for precision health in the United States.

Digital Health & Evidation

As digital health evolves, the Evidation health app makes it simple and efficient to track and improve your health. Whether you want to set specific exercise goals or just track your progress, Evidation supports you every step of the way.

Our points-based system provides motivation for members to achieve their goals and build healthy, long-lasting habits that can improve their lives. Keep track of your health with Evidation - download the app here.

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