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Get Your Cooking Game On

May 26, 2020
2 minutes
Healthy Eating
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As we continue to be home during the coronavirus, we wanted to share another collection of snack ideas that you can make at home. We know that being stuck indoors can be tough, but hopefully getting creative in the kitchen continues to be a fun pastime for many.

  1. Try your hand at making a sweet or savory dip at home! Check out this greek cucumber yogurt dip from the Today Show or this three ingredient Healthy Honey Mustard Dip from the blog Cupcakes and Kale Chips.
  2. Experiment with no-bake bars like this No Bake Chocolate Oat Bar from All Recipes.
  3. Make your own cup of Dalgona Coffee (the Coronavirus trend that’s bringing out everyone’s internal barista)
  4. Test out the dessert that’s on the rise — make this three ingredient crème brûlée.
  5. Bring Disneyland to your home with Disney’s official homemade churro recipe.
  6. In the absence of a trip to Benihana’s, learn how to make this chicken fried rice at home.
  7. Check out Wacky cake. It’s an old favorite that came from the Depression when there was less access to ingredients. This cake only takes a few, simple ingredients.
  8. Have some Nutella handy in your pantry? Make these DIY Nutella pops with two other ingredients and a popsicle stick.
  9. Eat breakfast like one of the royal family by trying out Prince Charles’ famous cheesy baked eggs
  10. If you’re feeling fancy, you can also give Queen Elizabeth’s drop scones a try.

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