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Outdoor Activities for National Great Outdoors Month

June 9, 2021
2 min read
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Outdoor Activities for National Great Outdoors Month

Fun Ways to Get Outdoors and Get Moving

June is National Great Outdoors Month!!!

And what better way to appreciate the beginning of summer than by getting out AND getting fit?

Regular exercise is good for us mentally, physically, and emotionally, but many of us are not gym enthusiasts. Luckily, there are so many ways to get good exercise without it feeling like a workout!

Finding fun ways to move is an excellent way to stay healthy.

So, in honor of National Great Outdoors Month, we would like to inspire you with some tips for getting moving while enjoying your time outside.

8 Fun Outdoor Activities

  1. Take a bike ride — riding a bike is great exercise and it’s fun! Remember all those days spent riding as a kid?
  2. Find an outdoor yoga class. Outdoor yoga is HOT!!! And most places offer some options. With a quick online search, you should have no trouble. Or, if you can’t find anything in your area, start a group!
  3. Go on a hike — it doesn’t have to be a big one, lots of communities have local trails that range in length and difficulty. Find one that works for you!
  4. Go swimming!!! One of my favorite summertime activities, swimming has so many health benefits. Whether it’s in a pool, a pond, the ocean, whatever you have available, make sure you get wet this summer!
  5. Work in the garden. Believe it or not, gardening is good exercise, and it has calming and stress relief benefits as well.
  6. Explore a downtown or historic district. Many communities have an art district or historic district. These can be fun places to take a walk and discover hidden gems in your own town.
  7. Go geocaching! Basically the world’s largest treasure hunt, geocaching allows you to explore new areas, get out and moving, and connect with people from all over the world. This article from The National Geographic is a great place to start!
  8. Play a sport. Golf, basketball, tennis. There are numerous outdoor sports opportunities. Games and sports are good for our mental and physical health and are a fun way to exercise!

Whatever you decide to do, get outside, get moving, and have fun this June!!! Then stop by and share a pic on one of our social media platforms!

Workout tips
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