How do I delete my data?

We believe it’s important you have control over your data. Under certain US state laws, you may have the right to request we delete your personal information. 

To delete your Evidation account and personal information, go to your Account page on your mobile device or computer. Select “Settings”. Find the “Data” section, then select “Delete Account.” Scroll to the bottom and select “Delete My Account.” 

You may also reach out to us to request deletion at

Please note: After deletion, your Evidation account and data cannot be downloaded or recovered (including any points you may have earned). If you would like to rejoin the community, you will need to open a new account. 

You can learn more about your privacy rights by visiting our Privacy Notice

If you want to delete data that was generated through a sponsored research or other program, please contact us at We’ll escalate your request to the Evidation study or program team, or to the sponsor on whose behalf the data was collected. Note that we and our study or program sponsors may not be able to honor requests to delete personal information generated as part of certain types of research or programs. Please refer to the documentation you agreed to when you enrolled to find out additional information about your privacy rights and the collection and use of your data as part of that research or program. 

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