Create new measures of health.
Reveal critical between care data.
Understand the full patient journey.

Evidation’s suite of products allow you to engage with individuals on a whole new level in order to deliver better health outcomes.

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We perform research to help create actionable evidence in three key areas:

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    Rapid Insights

    • Quickly engage cohorts of individuals. Build your cohort based on therapeutic areas, clinical factors, and demographics.
    • Using data from wearable devices, capture near real-time measurements about an individual’s lived experience—like their activity and how they use devices.
    • Correlate the data to key events.
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    Patient Insights

    • Identify and describe target patients based on their real-world behaviors and disease impact.
    • Quantify how disease impacts an individual’s quality of life and activities of daily living.
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    Disease Insights

    • Detect, describe, and predict disease events and changes in an individual’s health status.
    • Measure an individual’s disease progression and recovery over time.
Why Evidation?

One proven platform

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Generate evidence and design, test, and deploy programs that motivate evidence-based action.

Novel and actionable data

The richest patient data is generated outside the clinic—and is mostly invisible to researchers.

By making person-generated health data (PGHD) from everyday life accessible, Evidation helps organizations:

  • Better characterize and understand patients’ lived experience.
  • Better understand disease progression.
  • Identify at-risk individuals earlier.
  • Objectively measure activities of daily life and quality of life in the real world.
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Person-generated health data

Recent Research and Publications

Stay up-to-date with our latest research on health outside clinic walls.