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A healthier you: 9 simple healthy habits to start now and sustain for months ahead

March 20, 2024
5 minutes
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Looking for healthy habits to start to help you live your best life? We've got you. At Evidation, we work to help you make sustainable changes that create an actual difference in your physical and mental health. We understand that a total lifestyle overhaul can be overwhelming, and that building small habits that you can keep up over time is usually a better way to work toward the results that you want. Here, we'll take a look at why getting started with healthy habits can make a world of difference when it comes to your well-being.

Importance of healthy habits

When it comes to getting healthy, you don't need to make an immediate lifestyle overhaul—it's about creating new routines that help you thrive and changing old behavioral patterns that have been holding you back. Implementing small daily habits can help create sustainable change you can keep up over time. Here, we'll take a look at some simple daily habits you can incorporate into your lifestyle to help you feel your best.

Incorporate daily physical activity

Adding exercise to your schedule doesn't just boost your cardiovascular health. It also can help you get better sleep, lower stress levels, and boost your energy.

Not sure where to start? We get it. Try these ways to add a little more activity to your day:

Take a brisk walk during your lunch break or after dinner.

It sounds simple, but adding a daily walk to your routine can go a long way to boosting your health. According to a study at Harvard, walking can lessen the effect of genes that promote obesity, while also lowering joint pain and boosting the function of the immune system.

Use stairs instead of elevators whenever possible.

Believe it or not, taking the stairs boosts cardiovascular fitness, reduces the risk of stroke, and strengthens your muscles. Forgo the elevator and enjoy the burst of energy you feel at the top.

Do a quick body weight workout at home, such as push-ups, squats, and lunges.

Not sure where to start? Check out this simple body weight workout you can use to feel the burn without any equipment.

Prioritizing nutritious eating habits

What you eat matters, and it can be easier to make positive changes to your nutrition habits by focusing on what you can add to your life—instead of thinking about what you're taking away.

Try making these additions to your diet to boost your energy and fuel your body:

  • Include a serving of vegetables with every meal. Bonus points if you get more than five servings of veggies in a day!
  • Choose whole grains over refined grains, such as brown rice instead of white rice. There's no reason to cut out carbs—they're a great energy source. That being said, choose less-processed carbs whenever you have the option.
  • Snack on fruits, veggies, nuts, or yogurt instead of processed snacks. When your body is hungry, eat! Choosing healthier snack options can give you the fuel you need without the energy crash that comes after a sugar rush.

Cultivating consistent sleep patterns

When you're working hard to create healthier habits, it's important to give your body the high-quality rest it needs. Keep your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet to help you drift off to sleep—and stay asleep—more easily. It's also a good idea to stop using screens one to two hours before you go to bed, and to cut out caffeine after noon to help you relax.

Prioritize mental health care

When it comes to overall well-being, your mental health matters. Practicing relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga can enhance your sense of well-being. It's not always easy to find ways to de-stress, but you don't have to try to figure it out on your own. Talking with a licensed counselor or therapist to learn strategies to manage stress is a smart, effective way to feel your best.

Strategies for sustaining healthy habits over time

Ready to get started? Check out these strategies for keeping the positive momentum going:

  • Set small goals that keep you moving. Rather than commit to completing a triathlon in a few months, set smaller goals—like exercising four days each week consistently.
  • Leave some wiggle room in your schedule. This can help you make adjustments that keep you on track.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. Working with a licensed dietitian, personal trainer, or talking with your doctor about how to move forward in supporting your health can all provide valuable insights on how to move forward.

Overcoming challenges and staying motivated

Stress, work, family, health issues, financial problems, relationship issues—there are countless lifestyle factors that can make it tough to stay on track with healthy habits. Thinking through the tools you'll use to stick to your new habits when times get tough can make all the difference in helping your new routine hold up over time.

Some ways to stick with your new lifestyle habits when life gets in the way include:

  • Remind yourself that done is better than perfect. If your workday ran later than you anticipated and you missed your workout class, taking a brisk, 10-minute walk around the block is a far better option than ditching exercise for the day.
  • Rely on an accountability partner. When you share your goals with someone and ask for accountability, it can motivate you to stay on track when times get difficult.

Taking the steps necessary to be healthier isn't always easy—but it is worth it. Taking small steps, like incorporating a walk after lunch into your daily schedule or enjoying an extra serving of veggies with dinner can help to set you up for success. When you incorporate new healthy habits into your life, take your time noticing how much better you feel, and use that success to encourage you to continue boosting your health, one choice at a time.

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