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Evidation Year in Review 2021

December 21, 2021
3 minutes
Evidation Highlights
Evidation highlights

It’s been a busy year on Evidation!

In 2021, members like you participated in over 200 research opportunities, contributed to 19 research publications, and together logged over 147 million days of activity data.

To honor all that hard work and to share back some of the exciting things that have happened, we wanted to highlight some of this year’s biggest accomplishments. 

In 2021 Evidation Members:

  • Earned 7 billion points.
  • Redeemed millions of dollars in awards.
  • Completed 18 million offers.
  • Logged 951 billion steps. That's equivalent to walking to the moon over 1,896 times!
  • Logged over 2 billion minutes of exercise. If each minute of exercise burned 10 calories, our members burned the equivalent of 114 million donuts!
  • Spent some of their time finding their zen. According to our most popular connected devices, members logged 8 million minutes of yoga this year.
  • Joined from all over the US! California was the state with the most new members, and New York was the state that had the largest percent increase from last year.

New to Evidation in 2021:

We introduced several new features in 2021, including: 

Offer card in the Evidation app asking, Have you been exposed to the flu?"

Flu Monitoring on Evidation: Since November, 130,000 people have joined together to form our Flu Monitoring on Evidation community from all 50 states. In its first month alone, Flu Monitoring on Evidation identified nearly 6000 cases of flu-like symptoms from changes in activity data. This information can help people know when to access treatment and protect their loved ones. 

Steps Challenges: This year, some Evidation members stepped up their games in the form of a challenge, and in general, those who participated increased their steps! On Halloween, we wondered how trick or treating impacted our members’ activity levels, and our results showed that people who enrolled in the Halloween Steps Challenge stepped it up much more than people who opted out of the challenge - three times as much, to be precise! Stay tuned for more challenges in 2022.

Month In Review: We’re also working on sending you personalized insights on your healthy habits and activity, from steps to active minutes, which can be especially important to monitor during colder months as we tend to slow down. Keep an eye out for this new feature!

We also launched a new blog so you can find your favorite posts (and maybe some you missed) all in one place. 

These efforts and others like them help bring us closer to achieving our mission of creating new ways to measure and improve health in everyday life. But none of it would be possible without you! 

What’s Next?

We plan to keep the momentum going in 2022 by offering you more opportunities to earn points and participate in challenges. We’ll also be creating additional health programs and offering more personalized content experiences.   

And be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming Research 101 series and our Diversity in Research series!

Evidation highlights
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