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Evidation Year in Review: 2022

December 28, 2022
3 minutes
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Whether you’re working on resolutions like doubling your average daily step count, or dreaming up epic spring break travel plans, the beginning of the new year is a great time to gear up for what’s to come.

But before we get too far down the line on our future plans, it’s important to pause and reflect on what went well in 2022. For the Evidation community, 2022 was full of exciting programs, interesting health insights, and a wide variety of opportunities to earn points for everyday actions. 

For example, last year Evidation Members…

  • Earned 8 billion points
  • Completed 45 million offers
  • Redeemed millions of dollars in rewards

What came out on top in terms of time of year, where new members hail from, and more? 

We’ve analyzed the stats, and found that in 2022: 

  • Members were most active in May, and least active in January. 
  • California emerged as the state with the most new Evidation Members.
  • Overall, Fitbit is the app that most members have connected to Evidation, but in 2022 more members connected Apple Health than any other app.

Speaking of connected apps, in 2022 members like you logged a total of…

  • 952 billion steps. That’s like the equivalent of walking around the earth 18,000 times!
  • Climbed 929 million floors. That’s like walking up the Empire State Building over 9 million times!
  • 2 billion minutes of exercise
  • 349 million hours of sleep
  • Aside from walking, biking and swimming were the most commonly-tracked exercise activities. 
  • Swimming and breathwork were the fastest-growing types of tracked exercise compared to last year.

All Things New in 2022

Evidation rolled out new features and programs in 2022, including…

Personalized Insights: How did your average daily steps compare to the average for other Evidation Members in your state? What’s your sleep chronotype? In 2022 we helped you make sense of your activity data with personalized insights. 

Screenshot of offer in the Evidation app showing shart with a member's average hours of sleep per night by day of week

Daily Check-Ins: Many of us know that our mood is easily influenced by things like sleep and exercise. However, in 2022 we took a deeper dive to see exactly how our members’ mood relates to other aspects of their day-to-day life. 

We began asking members about how they felt on a daily basis with a Daily Check-In offer, and were able to share personalized insights back with members. Recently, we added in additional daily check-ins, such as the Daily Sleep Quality Check-In. Since launching our first check-in back in June, we’ve received over 15 million responses!

Screenshot of an offer in the Evidation app asking member s to rate their mood

FluSmart: After the success of the Flu Monitoring program over the last two years, we launched year three of the program—this time with a shiny new name: FluSmart! The program looks for changes in your activity data from wearable devices, and alerts you when a change suggests you may be feeling under the weather. 

screenshot of an offer within the Evidation app asking members if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms

Coming Up in 2023

2022 was a great year for Evidation, and we suspect 2023 will continue to bring new and exciting things for our members. Here are a few things you can look forward to in the new year on Evidation:

More Personalized Insights 

Using Daily Check-Ins, connected apps, and more, we’ll continue to share new personalized insights. These insights provide an opportunity for members like you to reflect on changes to your physical and mental health, and figure out what might be causing trends in your mood, sleep, and more. 

For example, maybe you figure out that your mood is best on certain days of the week, or your sleep quality is influenced by your daily step count. Whatever it may be, it’s always helpful to learn more about your everyday activity in order to improve your health!

Refreshed Homescreen: You can expect to see an improved layout and new features in the home screen this year, including: 

  • Easier navigation, with offer cards sorted by importance and relevance. 
  • An improved view into how you’ve earned your points—and how close you are to reaching your 10,000 point goal!

From everyone here at Evidation, thank you for making 2022 one of our best years yet, and cheers to 2023!

*Note: Data shared in this post represents totals from January 1, 2022 to December 21, 2022. 

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