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Focus on your Wellbeing this Professional Wellness Month

June 15, 2022
4 minutes
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In 2017, health promotion and wellness programs were offered in almost half of all US worksites. And with over 150 million people spending the majority of their waking hours at work, it’s an encouraging number to see.

Professional Wellness Month looks to shed light on the importance of creating a work culture that emphasizes and creates an environment that encourages wellness in the workplace. 

It also looks to stress the importance of a work-life balance for our health.

From financial well-being to our physical well-being, we can participate and celebrate this month in many different ways.

So, how can we celebrate Professional Wellness Month in the workplace?

What are steps we can take to improve our wellness at work and at home?

And, how can we better balance our work and personal lives?

In today’s article we’ll be breaking down the many options you have to celebrate and take part in during Professional Wellness Month.

How to celebrate professional wellness month in the workplace

According to the American Institute of Stress, 

“83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress.”

But there are steps we can take to create an environment that encourages wellness in the workplace.

How can we deal with stress?

Employers and employees can take many different approaches to create a culture that emphasizes the importance of wellness in the workplace. Some ideas include:

  • Workshops -  Workshops can be a great way to teach new concepts and ideas to employees. From education around different health exercises to certain habits and actions we can take. Workshops can serve as a great way to build a healthier working environment. 
  • Resources - having paid sick days, holidays, and health and dental insurance are some of the many ways to develop a healthy work culture that emphasizes the health of its employees.
  • Classes - taking part in different classes may also be a powerful way of creating wellness in the workplace. From meditation classes to fitness circuits, there’s really an endless supply of ideas we can tap into.
  • Events - having some sort of event can help us connect with our coworkers and better our overall well-being through socialization. In fact, being social helps us deal with loneliness and may even help improve our cognitive skills and memory. We can take part in online games with coworkers or laid-back meetings talking about our weekends. Events can be a great way to connect and unwind with coworkers in the workplace.
  • Wellness challenge - creating a wellness challenge for coworkers to take part in not only encourages people to get active, but it’s a great way for people to connect. Exercise increases the release of endorphins (the feel-good chemical), and it’s a great way to maintain a healthy weight. 

Work-Life Balance

Professional Wellness Month is about highlighting the importance of wellness in the workplace. But, it’s also about creating a better work-life balance.

It can be hard to separate the two with the convenience of modern technology and remote work. 

How can we make it easier?

Some ways we can create a better work-life balance include:

  • Unplugging and relaxing - taking a break to spend some time on our hobbies and passions can help us destress and unwind.
  • Detach from work - technology allows us to be constantly connected with work and our duties. If you work at home, try to only work in a dedicated workspace. And when you finish work for the day, make a transition into home life by changing your clothes or going for a walk.
  • Managing our time - we should give ourselves enough time to take care of our responsibilities at work. Learning to schedule our time accordingly and avoid taking on too much if we know it’s going to interfere with our work-life balance is a critical skill.
  • Develop a support system - we can balance our work and personal lives much easier with support. Whether it's coworkers who can cover for us if needed or family members who can help with responsibilities at home. Having a support system is an effective way to find balance.
  • Take some time off - completely shutting off from work and taking time to relax and unwind can be a great way to refocus. It also allows us to mentally and physically recharge.

Closing Thoughts

Professional Wellness Month is a time for employers and employees to evaluate the focus they put on health and wellness in the workplace and at home. 

Whether you decide to participate in new workshops or classes or you choose to take some time off from work completely. Every June we’re reminded of the importance of taking care of ourselves in every aspect of our lives. At home and at work.

Make sure to share this with a coworker, friend, or family member that may need the reminder! 

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