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Here’s What’s Happening in Flu Monitoring on Evidation!

December 1, 2021
4 minutes
Evidation Highlights

The power of community building and data sharing.

This month, we launched Flu Monitoring on Evidation, and in that short time, more than 100,000 people have enrolled in the program!

In recent years, we’ve seen that tremendous good can come from sharing activity and symptoms data–and from a collective commitment to health. The impact these two actions have made in reducing the spread of illness in communities is profound, and your continued engagement with Flu Monitoring on Evidation follows that same path.

Enrollment across the US

In the spirit of health, we’ve seen people join together to form our Flu Monitoring on Evidation community from all 50 states. Ranging from young adults to those in their 80s!

With an average age of 37 years old, the Evidation Members participating in this program represent a diverse mix of geographies and ages throughout the US.

These maps show details of the program enrollment by state and by zip code:

Enrollment by state:

map of united states shaded in showing enrollment numbers per state

Enrollment by zip code:

map of united states showing clusters of enrolled members by zip code

Engagement in our health this flu season

As flu season kicks into high gear, it’s more important to take part in our health, but many people won’t receive treatment for their flu symptoms. This can lead to increased spread in our families, social circles, and communities.

flu offer card from the Evidation app
Flu offer card in the Evidation app

That’s where Flu Monitoring on Evidation comes in: Engaging with us regularly can help match the right people with the right services at the right time.

Remember, you can let us know at any time if you’re experiencing flu symptoms by clicking on this offer card. Being mindful of your symptoms and sharing that information is key to slowing the spread.

Flu cases among Evidation Members

Even though rates of influenza-like illness moving up from “minimal” toward “low,” may not seem severe, it’s an important trend to watch.

shaded map of the united states showing flu rates or the week ending November 13, 2021

Weekly CDC Influenza-like Illness Activity Map for Week Ending November 13, 2021

Identifying early signs of flu across the country can help us slow the spread of illness.

In its first month alone, Flu Monitoring on Evidation has identified nearly 1600 cases of flu-like symptoms from changes in activity data. This information can help people know when to access treatment and protect their loved ones.

It’s no surprise that most of the flu symptoms have been reported in states where program enrollments are highest — California and Texas. But when we look at the number of reports as a percentage of the total enrolled, a different pattern emerges.

We’re keeping an eye on the data we collect –both from the program and from the CDC–so make sure to look out for more personalized information about how the flu is circulating in your area.

Percentage of flu symptoms reported, of those enrolled:

shaded map of the united states showing percentage of flu symptoms reported by members enrolled in flu monitoring on Evidation

Total flu symptoms reported, of those enrolled:

shaded map of the united states showing total number of flu symptoms reported by members enrolled in flu monitoring on Evidation

Stay healthy and engaged

According to the CDC, this season’s flu vaccine will be quadrivalent–which means it’s designed to protect against the four most common flu viruses. That way it can provide the broadest protection. And while most Flu Monitoring participants report having their COVID vaccine, fewer than half reported getting their flu vaccine.

But it’s not too late! Join the 162 million people getting the flu vaccine. And in case you were wondering, flu vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines can be given at the same time.

offer card to join flu monitoring on Evidation in the Evidation app

Sticking with Flu Monitoring is easy, and only takes a few seconds each day. All you have to do is open your Evidation app regularly, and be sure to respond to any notifications we send you. Alert us when you’re feeling under the weather, and we’ll ask you a few follow up questions. And as always — sync your wearable device every day if you have one.

Haven’t joined us yet? You can still enroll! Visit your Evidation dashboard and look for this offer card.

Thanks for joining us on the journey toward healthier living this flu season.

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