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Introducing My Health: your personalized health Hub on Evidation

March 7, 2024
2 minutes
Evidation Highlights
Evidation highlights

We're thrilled to unveil a new addition to the Evidation app: My Health. This new feature is designed to provide you with valuable insights into your well-being. 

At Evidation, we understand that your health journey is unique, which is why My Health is tailored to provide personalized guidance and correlations between essential aspects of your lifestyle.

What Can You Expect from My Health on Evidation?

  1. Daily Surveys for Comprehensive Insights: By answering the daily questions you see on the home screen, you'll gain deep insights into your health trends over time. You can now find these in the My Health tab. 

            Currently, you’ll see quick surveys each day asking about your sleep and mood, allowing you to track your progress and make informed decisions about your well-being. 

            In the future, we’ll add other topics such as healthy eating, prevention, exercise, and so on. 

The screenshot below illustrates how these surveys offer valuable insights into your daily habits and behaviors.

  1. Seamless Device Integration for Real-Time Data: Take your health monitoring to the next level by connecting your health-tracking devices to Evidation. By syncing your wearables and other health-tracking apps, you'll unlock real-time data insights and gain a deeper understanding of your health trends. 

            Additionally, we’ll provide you with valuable information about conditions you may be at risk for, empowering you to take proactive steps towards better health. Expect to             start receiving these insights within 1 day after connecting your device. 

The screenshot below demonstrates how connecting your devices offers a comprehensive overview of your health metrics.

How to Maximize Your My Health Experience

  • Stay Consistent: Make a habit of answering daily surveys to ensure accurate and meaningful insights into your health trends.
  • Dig into My Health: Check out your My Health tab often to get meaningful insights into your activities and patterns. 
  • Utilize Device Integration: Connect your devices promptly to start receiving real-time data insights and personalized recommendations.
  • Act on Insights: My Health isn't just about tracking; it's about taking actionable steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Use the insights you get to make informed decisions and prioritize your well-being.

At Evidation, we believe that proactive health management is the key to living your best life. With My Health, we're putting the power of personalized health insights directly into your hands. 

Whether you're striving to improve your fitness, manage stress, enhance sleep quality, prevent illness, or adopt healthier eating habits, Evidation is your trusted companion on your journey to optimal well-being.

Get Started with My Health Today

Ready to take control of your health? Update your Evidation app now to access the My Health feature and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you. Don't have the app yet? Download it today and unlock a wealth of personalized health insights at your fingertips.

Here's to a healthier tomorrow with My Health on Evidation!

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