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Joining Forces to Help Individuals Improve Health Outcomes

January 19, 2022
2 minutes
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A Collaboration around Community-based health engagement: We’re joining forces with Project TECH to advance better health outcomes

One of our core values is to put individuals first--our collaboration this year with Project TECH embodies this commitment and represents an exciting step towards working directly with community leaders to encourage everyone to participate in better health outcomes.

Based in Columbia, South Carolina, with extended roots in Atlanta and Charlotte, Project TECH is an organization grounded in four community pillars: 





We’ve been fortunate to connect with the leaders of this organization and identify the common values that motivate our teams to do what we do. 

From our first conversation with Project TECH, it was clear that we have the opportunity to develop a new kind of collaboration model that emphasizes both group’s strengths. Evidation offers the technology and tools for better health engagement, and Project TECH helps bring the voices and experiences of their community. 

Together, we can continually improve and refine how we help individuals measure and improve their health in everyday life. 

With this ongoing collaboration, we hope to learn from and co-develop digital experiences that individuals will find helpful for improving their quality of life and meeting their health goals. Things like making healthy heart decisions and protecting each other from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To accomplish our goals, Evidation and Project TECH will host design workshops with community members. These will be collaborative spaces focused on eliminating barriers around digital health engagement and research programs, so we can work collectively to improve our offerings.

This cycle of listening and responding is at the core of our mission to put individuals first and help people take control of their own health goals. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey of co-learning.

Health news
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