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Oura Ring + Evidation = Match Made in Heaven

May 15, 2020
2 minutes
Personal Health
Health assessment and Evidation

We know a big part of your Evidation experience is connecting apps and wearables to your account. To date, there are 15+ apps that you can connect to Evidation to track different activities that you take. For a reminder of which apps are available and where you can connect these apps to your experience, check out the Connect Apps page here.

We’re pleased today to share that the Oura Ring is now available to connect to Evidation. To connect your OURA ring and app, please follow these directions below:

  1. Log into the Evidation app or website > middle tab (apps section)

Phone screen with a list of fitness apps ready to connect to the Evidation app

2. Connect > Oura > Log in to OURA account

Note: it may take a few minutes to sync. If the app shows ‘not yet synced’

Phone screen with the Oura app logo and text discussing Oura's capabilities

Phone screen reflecting the log-in page for the Oura app

Please go back to the middle tab and click down to refresh the app. If all dates did not retroactively sync, we recommend to disconnect the app from Evidation and reconnect.

Health assessment and Evidation
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