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Evidation Member Stories

September 25, 2019
5 minutes
Evidation Highlights
Evidation highlights

We’re back to share more about the growing community of Evidation Members. No matter where you are in your health journey, we want to commend you for taking steps to become a better version of you. Over the last year, we’ve asked members to share their stories with us. Since then, we’ve received more than 160,000 stories! Here’s a look at some of the many stories members have shared — hopefully one of them will help inspire you as they’ve inspired us.

Whether you’re looking for a source of motivation, a community to learn from, or are here for a few extra bucks, we’re happy to be a part of your journey! Here’s another look at some of your fellow Evidation Members and their stories:

“A friend told me about Evidation which I’ve been using for quite a while. It gives me credit for my daily exercise, weigh-ins and tracking my food which I do daily. It helps keep me in the zone and best of all has paid me for my efforts! What’s better than that? I just had a Grand Opening in Oceanside, NY for my business, Restorative Wellness and Weight Loss. I plan to share this app with all my clients. What a great motivator!” — (Wendy C., New York)

“I have been a part of a research study on breakthrough pain through Evidation, and it’s really helped me to be more aware of my body and what kind of triggers are causing my pain. It has also caused me to look into other ways of relieving my pain, such as yoga and deep stretching, and to gain some muscular structure back that I had lost before.” — (Stacy M., Tennessee)

“I have been using Evidation to help me stay on top of my health and fitness. I have a busy schedule and it’s hard to stay on top of things. In 2016, I was 227 lbs, very depressed and unhappy. After making several lifestyle changes, I have gotten down to 166lbs and maintained that since 2018. Evidation helps me stay on top of why health by keeping me accountable.” (Nicole M., California)

“Through the research projects and daily accountability, Evidation has supported my increased health outcomes. By participating in a chronic pain study, daily loggings have helped my provider and I to track some of the triggers that have affected my pain levels. Additionally, being accountable to the overall app gives me motivation to get outside my comfort zone and get out and move even when I am not physically feeling like it.” (Karen K., Colorado)

“Using Evidation really helped me during a time of my life when I was down. We moved from my hometown and I was so sad, depressed, and motivated. I was in a funk, I felt lost, and did not want to leave my house. No friends or close family. When I started my health journey I got out of the house to attend group exercise and made friends. Not only did I have an online community cheering me on, I stepped out of my comfort zone again and felt like a better version of myself. Thanks for keeping me accountable!” (Christina W., Texas)

“I have been using the Evidation App for a few years now and I love how I build points for demonstrating regular and consistent healthy practices. As a Tour Director and Travel Professional, it’s great to know that regardless of the activity or destination I may be in there is still an app that will incentivize me to staying fit. Through the use of this app, I have been able to climb the Great Wall of China, hike Machu Picchu, Swim between Thailand islands, and walk on African Safaris. Thank you Evidation for making this app user friendly, simple, and personable.” (Justin C., Arizona)

“I am 64 years old. I want to be a future fun Grandpa and with the support of Evidation, I will be able physically as well as emotionally to prepare for my next adventure. This is why I hike and walked so much.” (Rusty L., Indiana)

“The Evidation App has allowed me to accurately track certain aspects of my health and fitness activities, which allows me to create better habits. Seeing my progress and stats turn into points both extrinsically and intrinsically rewards me. This part of the app, as well as reading interesting health studies has huge, positive impacts for future health gains.” (Kathleen E., Florida)

“From looking at my lifestyle, my health wasn’t what I need it to be. Evidation helps me create a goal for me to challenge myself to get active and to be more involved with the local area. I have been going out for walks, participate in a gym, and being more aware of the foods I eat. With a group of friends, it becomes a fun activity! In a way, I hope my choice in exercise also inspire others to participate in fitness.” (Hanh N., Arkansas)

“I have been using Evidation for a while now, and the motivation and support I get from this app is unparalleled! It’s a constant reminder to get up and get moving, practice my yoga and meditation, and be that vibrant example of a holistic, balanced life for my daughter. The surveys and app functionality are a fun touch, too!” (Meggie C., Idaho)

Evidation highlights
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