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Nurturing health and well-being: How Evidation's rewards and information motivate positive change

August 16, 2023
4 minutes
Evidation Highlights
Evidation highlights

For many people, signing up for one of the many health and wellness apps on the market is one step in a long journey towards setting themselves up for lifelong healthy habits and choices.

Because so many of these apps and programs fail to engage with their users on a personal level, Evidation set out to be different in this regard. In order to increase engagement, boost member participation, and authentically nurture and promote healthy habits from the start, Evidation’s creators wanted to curate a different user experience in every possible way.

Evidation’s commitment to nurturing members’ health and well-being is rooted in everything we do. We leverage powerful forms of motivation to achieve this; incentive-based rewards and a wealth of knowledge and information set our members up for success from the first time they open the app.

Let’s explore how these pillars are the foundation of our goals as a healthy company and what Evidation Members can expect to gain from this approach to living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

The power of incentives & how Evidation rewards help members

The psychology behind human motivation explains that humans are not designed to be passive creatures. It’s rooted in our core as humans to strive and yearn for things out of our reach, to set out on a journey to new limits, and to discover what we can achieve.

Evidation springboards off this idea of motivation by offering members cash-based incentives by collecting points for daily activities. People can collect points everyday by tracking exercise, completing surveys, and participating in health monitoring events (like tracking sleep, weight, and the food you eat). 

While some Evidation Members may already be exercising and eating healthy, the incentives to add other beneficial actions to their day are rooted in the motivation to collect more points.

The more healthy choices you make each day, the more points you can collect. The more points collected, the quicker you can cash out and receive a cash payment or gift card. Points are simple to find on the Evidation app; once logged in, the total points count is prominently displayed at the top of the home screen.

By promoting positive behaviors and choices through the Evidation app, we’re changing the way people look at health and wellness. As members continue to make positive changes regularly, the impact becomes more significant.

They may have a better understanding of their sleep patterns or caloric intake, and they can make adjustments as they see fit. Or maybe the health information they’ve been reading about in the app has taught them something valuable about their own health conditions.

We’re leveraging motivation from within a person’s core to challenge and change their lives... and they make a little cash along the way. What’s better than that?

We believe in empowering through knowledge and education

The phrase “Knowledge is power” is one that Evidation is most passionate about, and it’s how we encourage our members to make impactful changes in their lives.

Evidation Members are prompted to answer questions and respond to surveys regarding their mental health, sleep, physical activity, mood, and more when using the app. Over time, we compare the responses against their activity data and then share these insights with members.

This data reveals helpful, relevant information about health patterns and behaviors in their daily lives and empowers them to continue making positive changes. Think about any potential changes you could make if you had the information and resources to fill in the gaps. Evidation aims to help our members make small but impactful changes based on the information they’ve provided.

With access to real insights and statistics from their own physical activity, Evidation Members are empowered and motivated to utilize this knowledge to keep going, make intentional decisions that impact their well-being, and pursue an overall healthy lifestyle.

Minor adjustments can lead to significant lifestyle improvements. Getting started is the first step in the journey, and Evidation is there every step of the way.

Why cultivating a supportive community matters

Many factors contribute to a healthy lifestyle, from eating a well-balanced diet to getting regular physical exercise and taking care of your mental health, just to name a few.

Additionally, having a supportive community plays a very significant role in any person’s health journey, regardless of if they’re just getting started or have been actively pursuing their health for many years.

Community offers connection, support, involvement, and a feeling of togetherness that human beings need. When people feel like they have a safe space where they are accepted and belong, it can positively affect their physical and mental health.

In order to provide valuable insights to the Evidation community, we aggregate and share member insights from various check-ins, which people can participate in within the app. These include daily mood, sleep quality, steps taken, and much more. Members can understand how other people feel around specific time periods, like the holidays, or their average amount of nightly sleep and how it impacts energy and mood.   

In doing so, more members are encouraged to meet their goals, try new things, and make healthy, inspired choices on a daily basis. Being lifted up by a community of like-minded individuals is not only inspiring, but it can motivate change in everyone involved.

Nurturing our members’ health and well-being

Providing relevant, informative data and empowering people to take control of their health is the cornerstone of Evidation and exists in everything we do.

As we continue to evolve and develop new features in the platform, there are so many opportunities for more personalized and impactful health experiences for members.

From providing personalized health data and insights to participating in exciting health-related research and clinical studies, our members’ well-being is at the forefront of everything we do.

Through activity tracking, collecting points, and community insights, the Evidation app can help improve people’s lives by empowering healthy choices and simple changes. By keeping track of their health and wellness, members learn how a healthy lifestyle can improve their lives and, ultimately, commit to staying on track to achieve their goals.

Keep track of your health - download the Evidation app today.

Evidation highlights
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