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Summer fruits to stay hydrated and healthy: how to turn them into a habit

June 28, 2024
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Spending time in the summer sun can feel amazing, but it's important to make sure you're taking steps to protect your body from the heat. Staying hydrated is vital for your overall well-being, especially when you're spending time in hot temperatures, when the risk of dehydration is higher.

Drinking plenty of water is an important part of staying hydrated, but the fruits that you enjoy can also play a vital role in making sure you're getting enough H2O.

Here, we'll take a look at exactly why it's so important that you keep your body hydrated during the summer, and what fruits and vegetables you can rely on to provide your body with an extra water boost (and some fantastic additional health benefits).

The importance of hydration in the summer months

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is important no matter what the temperature outside. When you become dehydrated, your body no longer has the water it needs to function properly. This can cause problems with digestion, regulating your body temperature, moving oxygen throughout the body to fuel activity, and regulating bodily chemicals.

Between increased activity levels to sky-high outdoor temperatures, it's easy to become dehydrated in the summer. After just a few hours in the sun, dehydration can easily set in. If you're sweating, you're at an even higher risk of losing the water you need to feel your best.

If you're engaging in cardiovascular exercise (like hiking, swimming, or playing a sport), it's easier to become dehydrated. Certain groups, including older adults, children, and babies, are more likely to become dehydrated than other groups. In addition to taking frequent breaks, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding the sun when it's at its peak (generally from 10 am to 2 pm), eating summer fruits that have a high water content can help you get the hydration your body needs.

Nutritional benefits of summer fruits

In addition to helping you stay hydrated, enjoying fresh fruit provides multiple health benefits, including:

Top hydrating fruits for summer

Ready to give your body what it needs to stay hydrated this summer? Fantastic! In addition to drinking the recommended amount of water for your needs each day, add these summer fruits to your meals and snacks for an extra hydration boost.


Believe it or not, cucumbers are actually considered a fruit, and these refreshing delights are perfect for upping the hydration of both sweet and savory summer favorites. Made up of 95% water, cucumbers pack a hydration punch! Chop fresh cucumbers to sprinkle on a salad, or slice them up to create these Mexican-inspired spicy cucumber sandwiches.


Made up of 92% water, watermelon isn't just great for staying hydrated—it's also loaded with fiber and vitamin C. For an extra-refreshing treat, slice watermelon into cubes, stick each cube with a popsicle stick, and freeze for a vitamin-packed, hydrating boost that cools you off fast.


Red tomatoes are loaded with even more water than watermelon! The fruit's 94% water content makes it a great way to add hydration to summer sandwiches and salads. Snacking on chilled cherry tomatoes can help you hit your hydration goals while also enjoying the fruit's antioxidant punch.


Apples: they're not just for fall! Coming in at 84% water content, fresh apples are a delicious option to help you get the water you need. Believe it or not, studies show that eating an apple first thing in the morning can provide you with more of an energy boost than drinking a cup of coffee. Apples can also support gut health and may lower the risk of heart disease.


There's nothing better than a ripe, juicy orange, and with a water content of 87%, oranges are the perfect way to hydrate on hot summer days. An important note: while orange juice can be hydrating, you're better off eating the whole fruit. The blood sugar spike caused by a glass of juice can leave you feeling less than your best, but eating a whole orange gives your body the fiber it needs to process the fruit's high sugar content.


Tying with watermelon at a 92% water content, ripe summer strawberries are a great fit to help you stay hydrated. Try enjoying a few with your breakfast, slicing some up for a snack, or mixing them into yogurt for a refreshing mid-afternoon treat.

Creative ways to incorporate summer fruits into your diet

Looking for fun ways to enjoy more fruit this summer? Try these ideas:

  • Slaws: When you're making a slaw for a picnic, add diced strawberries or matchstick-sliced apples for an unexpected burst of sweetness.
  • Grill it up: Brush your favorite summer fruit with a little bit of oil, then grill for a few minutes to bring out the fruit's natural sugars.
  • Smoothies: Creating a whole-fruit smoothie once a day can be a great way to get a wide variety of fruits into your diet.
  • Swap syrup for purees: Instead of topping your favorite waffles or pancakes with sweet maple syrup, make your own puree out of your favorite summer fruits.

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